Application Fee Rises to $215 Effective 1 January 2024

The GSMD Congress meeting in Plymouth in September 2023 approved a $25 increase in the fee for applications and supplementary applications effective 1 January 2024. This decision means that CSMD is obliged to increase the fee it charges for applications and supplemental (including Silver Supplemental) applications effective 1 January 2024. The Board of Assistants has decided that the new fee will be $215 CDN. The existing fee of $175 remains in place until then for all applications which are completed by 31 December 2023. The deadline for submission of new applications to be covered by the existing fee is 1 November 2023. There is no guarantee that such applications will be finalized by 31 December 2023. That all depends on the number of generations which have to be proven and the availability of copies of required documents.