Society News

Society News

Did You Hear? We’re a Member Society of the GSMD

In the June 2015 Mayflower Quarterly, GSMD Governor General Lea Filson explains an important change in Society terminology. The 52 groups that make up the General Society are

We’re marking our 39th anniversary!

In 2019, we mark 39 years since we were established as the first member society of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants outside of the United States. The Canadian Society

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Mailing Labels Include Canadian & General Membership Numbers

As a convenience for members who receive CSMD information by regular mail, our mailing labels provide your Canadian and General Society identification numbers, together with information on the status of your paid dues. General Society membership numbers are needed when you register for members’ only access to the General Society website and to sign up Read More

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If you’re on Facebook or Twitter don’t forget to follow us there. On Twitter find us as @CanMayflower. On Facebook, like our page and join our group called Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Help Expand our Membership

So you have your Mayflower lineage duly authenticated and approved. And you’re rightly proud of your membership. But what about your family members? Encourage them to submit their

Members’ Biographies and Headshots

We welcome members’ biographies and headshot pictures for inclusion in our membership database. If you have not yet sent yours, please submit them to the digital administrator. Your bio should be short (a couple of paragraphs) and can include family, hobbies, career, education, etc. Have you previously submitted a bio and would like to update Read More