Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants


Our country is big, no doubt about it. Canada, with its provinces and territories, is so vast that establishing Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants colonies where there are at least 15 members is a great way to bring members living in a particular area together. Several partner societies of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants have colonies.

The Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants has one active colony in Nova Scotia and inactive colonies in British Columbia and Alberta.

The Nova Scotia Colony, established in 2004, is governed by bylaws. Elections to its Executive are held every two years. The Colony has a website and is on Facebook - Be sure to ‘like’ their page. Read the minutes of its September 23, 2107 annual colony meeting in Yarmouth.

The Colony’s 2017-2018 Executive is:

  • Regent: Bill Curry
  • Vice-Regent: Cheryl Anderson
  • Past Regent: Gordon Wood
  • Secretary: Wilfred Allan
  • Treasurer: Gary Archibald
  • Elder: Jean wood
  • Historian: Judi Archibald
  • Captain: George Snow
  • Member-at-Large: Ed Morrisey
  • Webmaster: Bill Curry
  • Membership/Promotions: vacant

Forming a Colony

Fifteen Society members who wish to form a colony of the Society can petition the CSMD Board of Assistants for permission. Colonies can be formed by province or area or community. Sections 8.1 to 8.5 of our Bylaw provide more details on how to form a colony. If you are thinking about forming a colony in your area, please contact the Board of Assistants. We’d be delighted to help you.